Mobile Power, Communications, and Surveillance
Our innovative line of industrial power and communications platforms from Mobile Pro Systemsoffer the most robust and versatile features on the market. The MPS-2800 and MPS-3400 Series systems are offered in a variety of configurations to meet your needs. These systems provide solutions for Force Multiplication, Emergency Management, Construction Project Site Security, and Mobile Command Center Scenarios. These systems are rapidly deployable and can provide 24/7 communications or surveillance. We offer GREEN charging solutions including SOLAR and WIND as well as HYBRID charging solutions with gasoline or diesel generators.

Features and Accessories Include:

  • 36’ Mast Heights
  • Optional Solar and Wind Charge Options
  • Optional Embedded Gasoline or Diesel Generators
  • Fixed and PTZ Cameras
  • Almost all Wireless and Cellular Communications
  • Two Way Audio Communications
  • Digital Media Signage
  • Mass Emergency Notification
  • Emergency Call Box
  • High Power LED Lighting
  • 2000 Watts lighting (requires generator)
  • Public Address/Paging
  • Weather Station
  • Interactive Digital Center
  • Strobe Lighting
  • Long Range Motion Detection
  • IR Perimeter Sensors
  • VMS Servers and On-Board Video Storage

Fixed or Temporary Power, Communications, and Surveillance
The Power Tube is the single most innovative solution for many applications! The Power Tube is designed to mount quickly to any structure or pole and can be recharged with SOLAR or with existing 110 voltage or from parking lot or utility and municipal lighting systems.

For Municipal organizations, the Power Tube is the perfect solution for extending an existing or creating a new city wide communication and surveillance solution. In Law Enforcement situations the Power Tube can be temporarily or permanently mounted in high crime areas or rapidly deployed in an Emergency Management Situation. In a Commercial application the Power Tube brings 24/7 video surveillance to your perimeter or parking easy installation and without digging up your parking lot or landscaping. In Construction or HazMat situations utilize Power Tube for surveillance or remote viewing.